EV Charging Station Installation Richmond VA

EV Charging Station Installation, Richmond VA

Richmond EV Charging Station Installation

Electric Car Owners & Businesses Trust Our Five Star Installations

Our experience installing charging stations at Richmond homes and businesses means you can trust Five Star Mister Sparky Electrical to get it right. The fact is, there’s more to setting up a charging station than just wiring it up.

Installing an EV or Tesla charging station is a massive project that is nearly impossible to carry out on your own. Many considerations include power outlets, the proper circuits, safety codes, surge protection, and more.

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Why offer an EV Charging Station at your business?

Whether it’s high gas prices or environmental awareness, electric and hybrid-electric cars are here to stay. Forecasts call for 50% of all vehicles to be electric by 2030. The problem is there aren’t enough EV charging stations. As a business, this is a great opportunity. By investing in an EV charging station, you not only put your business at the forefront of technology but also gain an affluent customer base and good publicity. Other benefits include:

  • Extra revenue
  • Tax advantages and rebates
  • Improved indoor air quality on your premises
  • Advertising opportunities

Trust Five Star Mister Sparky Electrical For Your EV Or Tesla Charging Station

Whether at your home or business, you’ll benefit from our extensive training and experience building charging stations of many sizes.

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